November 5, 2018
Work in Progress

Work in Progress

After a quiet summer, there’s now progress integrating a number of features
that were cooking in development branches for quite some time.


3D-Mouse support
Even though the initial effort was to support 3D-Mouse devices, specifically
the relatively affordable range of SpaceMouse/SpaceNavigator products from
3Dconnexion, OpenSCAD will support various input devices (e.g. Joysticks and
and Gamepads) depending on the platform it’s running on.
The preferences dialog allows configuration of the behavior of the input devices
regarding control of the 3D viewport and mapping buttons to user interface
Inspired by the Thingiverse Customizer, this will allow customizing designs
via a simple user interface and save sets of parameter presets.
While this feature has been available in the development snapshots for
a while now, there were lots of improvements lately to both usability of the
interface as well as correctly handling of parameters hints specfied in the
model source code.
3MF Import/Export
The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) as defined by the
3MF Consortium
is one of the contenders to take over from STL. With
support for extended features like colors, materials, properties, multiple
volumes and the possibility to extend with both public and private features,
it’s much more versatile than the (for 3d printing) commonly used STL format.
As additional reason for this format being a very attractive option is that
its Specification and reference implementation are freely available and useable in Open Source projects.


At this point all of the features are available in the latest development
snapshots but are still marked as experimental which means they need
to be specifically enabled in the preferences dialog.